How Do You Reference A Web Page That Lists No Author?

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web pageHow Do You Reference A Web Page That Lists No Author?
Note: Use the full title of the web page if it is short for the parenthetical citation.  If philosophy is the explanation as a whole of that world which the particular sciences investigate in detail, it follows that the latter find their culmination in the former, and that as the sciences are so will philosophy be. It is true that objections are put forward against this way of uniting philosophy and the sciences Common observation, it is said, is enough support for philosophy.Order the citations of two or more works by different authors within the same parentheses alphabetically in the same order in which they appear in the reference list (including citations that would otherwise shorten to et al.). Separate the citations with semicolons. Because sound reasoning is an essential element of all sciences, 46 social sciences and humanities disciplines, logic became a formal science Sub-fields include mathematical logic , philosophical logic , Modal logic , computational logic and non-classical logics A major issue in the philosophy of mathematics revolves around whether mathematical entities are objective and discovered, called mathematical realism, or invented, called mathematical antirealism.
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The rival systems of philosophy of the present time may be reduced to various groups: Positivism , neo-Kantianism, Monism , neo-Scholasticism Contemporary philosophy lives in an atmosphere of Phenomenism , since Positivism and neo-Kantianism are at one on this important doctrine : that science and certitude are possible only within the limits of the world of phenomena, which is the immediate object of experience.Developing Centres of Expertise and European Reference Networks in the field of rare diseases has been proposed in the Council Recommendation on an Action in the Field of Rare Diseases and more recently in the Cross-Border Healthcare Directive as a means of organising care for the thousands of heterogeneous rare conditions affecting scattered patient populations across Europe.
Voltaire wished to substitute for Catholicism an incoherent mass of doctrines about God The religious philosophy of the eighteenth century in France led to Atheism and paved the way for the Revolution In justice to contemporary philosophy it must be credited with teaching the amplest tolerance towards the various religions ; and in its programme of research it has included religious psychology , or the study of the religious sentiment.If you are writing a letter like this on behalf of your organization for one of its suppliers, ensure you obtain necessary approval from a director or appropriate authority (typically a finance or purchasing director), and in certain circumstances (for significant or very important references) you could actually ask the person in authority to sign the letter and send it in their name.
The law in the UK (Apr 2006) is that employers giving references are exempt from the `Subject Access Rights` section of the Data Protection Act, but employers receiving references are not, unless there are extremely strong reasons for preserving the confidentiality or anonymity of the reference provider (a personal risk to the referee, for example).Now at last a revolution is under way (see article ). At its heart is the idea of moving from one-size-fits-all” education to a more personalised approach, with technology allowing each child to be taught at a different speed, in some cases by adaptive computer programs, in others by superstar” lecturers of one sort or another, while the job of classroom teachers moves from orator to coach: giving individual attention to children identified by the gizmos as needing targeted help.
Engagement with the central questions of philosophy is valuable in itself; it is also valuable as a means of developing analytical, critical, and imaginative skills useful in the study of most other subjects, in the pursuit of careers as varied as law, business, medicine, science, education, and the arts, and in effective participation in civic life.A major point of debate revolves between realism , which holds that there are entities that exist independently of their mental perception and idealism , which holds that reality is mentally constructed or otherwise immaterial. Mobile devices provide more accessible, individualised portals through which information and knowledge is accessed, shattering the rigidity of traditional education. All lines after the first line of each entry in your reference list should be indented one-half inch from the left margin.
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